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The debate ‘whether aliens exist or not’ has kept scientists puzzled even as the UFO sightings have been claimed by many across the world. Among all those claims, this recent UFO sighting clip looks like the most convincing one given the fact that NASA astronauts shot this video that shows a disc-like object hovering around the International Space Station and then plunging into space.

Alien-theory enthusiasts have had a hectic day with the discovery of the new mysterious, alleged UFO, which looks like a longish white-coloured floating object seen coming close to the ISS and then zooms back to space.

This is not only the sighting this year as multiple such objects were reportedly seen in space in NASA videos in 2017. Also, many citizens in the US saw such mysterious objects and reported them.

Many UFO hunters have been blaming NASA for hiding the existence of aliens by tampering with proofs. UFO expert Scott C Waring, who hosts UFO Sightings Daily blog, wrote a blog spot describing the recent ‘alien video’ saying, the “UFO is seen on the other side of the solar panels in the far distance.” “It looks like it is the size of a city bus and is disc- shaped.” 

According to Waring, one can easily spot a UFO at the ISS if one looks hard enough.

“Many say it’s impossible to catch a UFO at the space station, however those people never put more than 5 minutes into looking,” he wrote. “If you search for about 1-2 hours I guarantee you will see a UFO.”

YouTube user Streetcap1 was credited by Waring for spotting the alleged UFO in the NASA video and for uploading the clip.

“This looks like a craft behind the ISS speeding off into the distance. NASA must have been on their coffee break,” Streetcap1 wrote in the video description.

Stan Salmon posted a comment in the video and alleged that NASA uses old and low resolution cameras so as to hide the evidence of UFOs from humans.

“A good example why NASA won’t use hi resolution cameras, nasa=never a straight answer…,” he wrote. “Amazing….one of the best space station UFO footage I have seen. Great find!” another YouTube user posted.

“When the truth finally comes out, the people will tear the governments a new arse/a** hole. That’s why they won’t tell us. People don’t trust the world governments as it is, and the truth will only confirm why,” wrote another.

The most recent UFO sighting in the NASA’s ISS live cam was reported in March. Express UK reported a “monster UFO” was captured just before “NASA cuts off feed.”

The video shows a ‘cigar-shaped’ thing hovering above the Earth, the object disappeared before the end of the video.
Another UFO hunter, Tyler Glockner, is convinced that the object seen near ISS was an alien aircraft. He also claimed that NASA has been trying to hide UFOs from the public.

“And it would appear that shortly after these objects come into view, NASA – either purposely – or the UFOs do it on their own, but the objects quickly dim out.”

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“So we may have had NASA dimming the feed, messing with the contrast or the exposure to make these objects disappear from view.”
Well, there were some viewers who weren’t convinced that the object was a UFO or alien aircraft. “It’s probably an old satellite that’s space debris,” one YouTube user commented.

“So we may have had NASA dimming the feed, messing with the contrast or the exposure to make these objects disappear from view,” another one observed.

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First Published: Monday, May 15, 2017 07:01 PM

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