UFO Sighting in Olympia, Washington on 2021-07-27 21:38:00 – Object following iss as it passed overhead.

I like to watch satellites pass over my home at night. i use an app named “heavens above” to track satellites passing over my house. i have been watching objects, primarily satellites, pass over my home for many years. i have witnessed hundreds of satellites, booster rockets and the iss pas overhead. i live outside of town where i have a relative dark sky. i particularly like to watch the iss pass over when visible.

last night (july 27, 2021) at 9;37 pdt (from app data) i was watching the iss pass directly overhead, traveling from the wnw to the ese. i also noticed a small object following the the iss. the object appeared to be much smaller then the iss. i would guess about the size of a discarded rocket booster, from my experience watching satellites and other orbital debris pass overhead. i can’t estimate the distance but would say it was a fingers width, held at arms length, behind. i wondered if this was the new russian module or a supply capsule catching up. i watched the object follow directly behind the iss for 30 or 40 seconds. then to my surprise and astonishment, the object turned at a 45 deg. angle to the path of the iss, headed sse and accelerated away at twice or three times the velocity of the iss. i continued to watch the object until it disappeared into the earth’s shadow. the iss, some 20 or 30 seconds later also disappeared into the earth’s shadow.

needless to say, the rapid change of direction and increase in velocity made me believe i had just witnessed an anomaly. as i have stated above, i have been watching overhead satellites from this location for years. in that time i have never seen a satellite change direction or accelerate.

steven kind
olympia, wa

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