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A plaque dedicated to one of the world’s most notorious ‘UFO sightings’ has been replaced – 24 years after the original was removed.

The tribute has been installed at Dechmont Law in Livingston where forestry worker Bob Taylor claimed to have encountered extraterrestrial life on November 9, 1979.

Bob and his dog are said to have came across a spherical object, which was 12ft high and 20ft wide, in a clearing at the bottom of the Law.

In his recollection at the time Bob said he was attacked by two spheres with protruding metal spikes which dragged him towards the UFO.

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His story was investigated by the police who recorded it as an assault – the only time a ‘UFO sighting’ has been the subject of a criminal investigation.

Ron Halliday, who interviewed Bob and was involved with the Livingston Development Corporation – the group which installed the original plaque at the site, has been campaigning for years for a replacement.

He said: “I’ve been studying the subject of UFOs and interviewing those who claim to have had encountered them for over 30 years. Bob’s case stands out. It’s certainly one of the best in the world.

“Back in the early ‘90s a campaign was set up and a cairn was eventually erected in 1992 with the plaque inside it. Unfortunately that was removed not long after it was put up and it hadn’t been replaced for around 24 years.

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“I’ve asked various times throughout those years for the council to replace it and recently they got back in touch to say that they were going to.

“I’m delighted about it because I’ve always said it would be good to have it there.”

West Lothian Council have now revealed that they are looking to promote the site as an attraction.

A spokesperson said: “The plaque on Dechmont Law was installed by one of our predecessor authorities, Livingston Development Corporation.

“The plaque was previously removed due to vandalism, but has now been reinstalled.

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“Improved signage for the area is currently being developed, which will help people locate the spot where the alleged incident took place, as well as other attractions in the area.”

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