UFO Sighting in Not sure, Maryland on 2015-10-01 02:00:00 – No object seen

I was a delivery driver, delivering auto parts from pennsylvania where i live down to maryland to an auto parts store in the middle of the night. i was driving a 26ft box truck with a liftgate on the back. it was a pretty cool fall night. i was backed up to the auto parts store approximately 25 to 30 ft from the door of the garage where i was delivering. i had just got the liftgate up and walked inside of the back of the truck. i put my hands on the pallet jack to start lifting up the big bin of auto parts. as i went to start jacking up the pallet jack i noticed that the wind started to blow very strongly. all of a sudden the loudest sound that i had ever heard up close was blaring from outside the truck. my hands gripped the pallet jack so tight from being frightened. as i whipped my head around to look out the back door everything that i could see was bathed in a fluorescent green light and you could tell it was coming from up above. the sound that i heard is hard to put in writing but it was as if a train horn was right in front of your face and it blared about six to eight times and hurt my ears pretty bad, and just as fast as it started the light and the sound was completely gone in an instant. the wind also completely stopped. i ran to the back of the truck and looked up into the sky and around my truck and there wasn’t anything there. whatever it was was gone and i have no idea where it came from. it was the strangest thing that i had ever encountered. there was a country bar across the parking lot approximately 200 feet away full of patrons. as loud as that sound was, not a single person came out of the bar as if they didn’t even hear it.

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