UFO Sighting in North Port, Florida on 2016-09-01 09:00:00 – Saw one single orb of light turn into 8 or 9 orbs of light- alternating in sequence


My fiancé and i were sitting on our back lanai; it was about 9pm. we were talking and in the distance, past his shoulder, i spotted a small red-orange orb, flying ne. i said “honey, what is that?” and we both got up to investigate. we observed for a total of 5 minutes, before it was gone. the light intensified as it gained altitude, shining a bright orange aura around the orb. suddenly, what was just one orb of light, turned into 8 or 9 orbs of light, rotating in sequence. after about 10 seconds of the sequenced lighting, it switches back to one single red, orange orb. you could clearly see it was a circular unidentifiable object, probably the size of a car, if i were up close to it. the lights were on the bottom of the craft. i was probably 10 miles away, but i just couldn't believe how visible the craft was, from so far away. the craft would be stationary, in the air, then move forward a bit, stop, move back to its previous position, and then move forward really fast. it then would stop, and repeat. it probably did this about 4 times, also including ascending and a bit of descending, looked like it was flying in a z shape.

then it took off, probably not full speed, but it was fast. went east and never saw it again.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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