UFO Sighting in North Charleston, South Carolina on 2021-07-29 20:23:00 – Stationary object emits smaller blinking object that orbits stationary object before slowly moving away from it in straight line

Monday of this week in july, my son noticed the original ufo, right about 7:35 pm as the sunwas setting. it was as bright as venus but at my zenith — directly above me. it did not match up to any known star in the sky, and it did not twinkle at all. we saw it every day that week and just watched it until it disappeared, usually about 30 minutes after we would first see it. on thursday of that week, i was sitting back in my zero gravity chair so i could watch it, and i noticed it ejecting a fainter light at, in relation to me, the object’s 3 o’clock. it began revolving counterclockwise around the original object. i had my phone in my hand, and by the time i got zoomed in, you can see the object travel around slightly in that circular motion before it just starts moving slowly away from the original object in a straight line at about the object’s 11:45 o’,clock. in the video, i am zoomed in the entire time. i have videos of this object every day, but i only saw the second object that thursday. the next week was overcast every day and i haven’t seen it again since.

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