UFO Sighting in Newton Abbot, England on 2016-10-17 15:00:00 – Alien abduction gone sexual


Please don't laugh at me, but i think i was abducted the other night… i went to bed and fell straight to sleep; i then woke up and something was wrong. i was in a white room, sitting on the end of a metal table… i was completely naked and the table felt cold to the touch… i was in a state of shock when i realized i was not alone in this white room. there was a woman in the corner of the room, just standing there looking at me. i went bright red, as i was so embarrassed because i was naked: she then started to approach me. i could see that she was wearing blue overalls and she was very beautiful…Her hair was blonde and she has beautiful blue eyes. she looked like a pleiadian. it was then she spoke to me and said we can't keep doing this… i said doing what? with that, she pushed me back on the metal table; she then took off her blue overalls and she was naked. i couldn't believe what i was seeing, she had the perfect body; her breasts were nice and perky and i was very aroused by her appearance. she then forced herself on me and i put up no resistance. we then began to make love and she said if you make me pregnant you will have to come back with me… i said back were? she just smiled… i then blacked out. next i woke up on the bed and thought what a great dream; then i realised i wasn't under the bed covers… i was on top of the bed covers; and i thought, that's very odd, as i don't remember getting up in the night. i also quickly discovered that my pyjamas were on backward and so were my underpants! i know for a fact that my clothing was on the right way before i went to bed. later on that day i also noticed that i had bruising around my genitals. what the hell is going on? have you ever heard of anything like this before? this is just bizarre: i am so embarrassed to tell you this, but this really happened on the 17th of october 2016 at newton abbot, devon, england.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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