UFO Sighting in Nelshaby, South Australia on 2021-04-15 02:00:00 – Dim lights on the ridge of the hill where i was camping and a orb with a sort of spot light lighting up about a 30-50 meter area below it approximate

When i was camping in the flinders rangers in april 2021 i noticed dim lights on the ridge of the hill from the bottom of the valley i was camping in at around 2am i was curious so i took a torch and climbed up the adjacent hill about halfway and sat down quietly and observed multiple dim lights in random places with me looking towards s/e then behind me on the hill i watched an orb silently hovering around the valley over travelling from west to east that was lightning up the trees and ground which as a guess was around about 50 meters i also heard a sound from the nearby bushes that i have never heard before and can’t explain i’m very very familiar with the wildlife in the area and it was nothing i have ever heard before it was as if something was coming towards me and trying to scare me but i shined my torch in the direction but i didn’t see anything in the thick scrub very strange if it wasn’t military training and taking the piss out of me it was definitely something intelligent in the area that i can’t explain

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