UFO Sighting in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina on 2016-12-21 22:30:00 – Pulsating multi colored sphere/orb slowly moving.


It was my birthday at my house. i was taking out the kitchen trash. it was approximately 11am, july 20th 2013. i walked out of the exterior garage mandoor on the w side of my house. i immediately heard a low rumble mixed with a hissing like noise above me to the west. i looked up to see what i first thought was a passenger plane on fire. there are many airports nearby and it was not unusual to see planes in the airspace this object was in. within a second or two, i was startled because i had realized this was no plane. it was a dull silver domed object with orange lights around its middle. i thought i could see a small spire like portrusion out of the top of the object. it was a typical domed ufo looking craft. in fact, that was one of my first conscious thoughts… wow. my first real ufo sighting and it couldn't be a more typical looking ufo! it was obvious to me that this craft was in trouble. i saw no flame or intense burning/glowing but could see some sort of fluctuating vapor trail being left. the vapor trail didn't seem to be coming from any particular vent or place on the craft. the vapor seemed to almost enshroud the craft and then slip off and fall behind. the rate of the vapor coming off seemed to vary slightly. it would leave a trail and dissipate withing a few seconds. the color was both disconcerning and facinatingly beautiful. my first thoughts were that it was highly poisonous or radioactive. the rumbling hiss seemed to increase in intensity coinciding with the billowing emerald green shimmery misty vapor or smoke this craft was leaving in its wake. i felt the object was approximately a mile from me when i first observed it. it was directly above me and to the west when i first caught sight of the object, travelling in a south or sw trajectory. it's speed was that of a landing passenger plane. and it's size seeemed to be about as wide as a school bus is long. maybe 35-40 feet wide at it's center. it was a particularly clear and sunny, beautiful morning day. i could see the object in very clear detail. i saw no markings, windows or anything on the domed surfaces both on top and below. i saw no markings on the central saturn-ring of the object. i saw what looked like a dull orange light in the short (maybe 2-3foot) spire atop the craft. it could have been the extream rush of adrenahlin but i became so overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing this object that i rememeber feeling very faint, and close to throwing up my breakfast. fighting off the swirling thoughts (fear, excitment, shock, awe, worry, dread, mania, etc…) i remembered my cell phone camera. i remember almost ripping the pocket of my jeans trying to get my phone out. i brought the phone / camera up to my face level and shot three photos. the first was my finger in the way of the lens. the second and thrid shot are attached with this report. i believe my phone at the time was a samsung s2… i may have had my s5 by then but i'd have to look that up. i can if it matters. the elapsed time between when i first noticed the object and when i managed to start taking photos was probably 10-15 seconds. the object travelled in a straight line heading s – sw. this would have been from my right to left. it seemed to me to be flying directly above beach blvd/hwy 39, which was the major street near me. it was flying towards the ocean which was approx 3 miles away to the south.

the event left me dumbfounded. it lasted probably 20-30 seconds. i did not observe any planes or helicopters near the object. but the sky above my house was always pretty busy with all th elocal airports near my home. and the police helicopter for my city was common in the sky but it was not around at the time this event took place. i remember looking for it. the helicopter is so common it was becoming a nusiance. i thought how perfectly murphy's law it was for it to not be around when we really needed it. i walked out into my front yard area after the object disappeared over the southern treetops/horizon to see if any of my neighboors had seen what i just had. there was no one i could see nearby. i went back inside and upon entering my wife surprised me with an early birthday gift. i'd intended to tell her what i'd just witnessed but the gift distracted me. the rest of the day was so busy i simply never had the right time to share what i saw with my wife or anyone. the next day i recalled what had happened. even with the photos i took which were quite good detail, i made a desicion to not tell my story to my wife or anyone. it seemeed impossible what had happened even though i had photographic evidence. i simply buried the event away in my mind and tried to forget about it. i had nightmares for days afterwards. but soon the memory and bad dreams faded and it was forgotten for the most part. i was gaining ground in a successful professional carreer and i did not want to rock the boat with some crazy alien story. occationally i'd remember my event when i'd catch some ufo story on tv or youtube but i haven't told a soul about what happened to me until this day. this morning i woke up and hunted for the old photos. when i found them i decided to tell my story.

it is what it is. i know what i saw. i know what i saw was a real object. i have no idea how it wasn't reported on the news being such a low sighting and such a clear sunny day as it was. i assume the others that saw it must have decided to keep it to themselves as i had. i cant imagine any other explanation as to why i never heard about the event on the news or even town gossip. but i never did.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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