UFO Sighting in Montréal, Quebec on November 9th 2015 – Bright light in the area of Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport


I saw something last night that has me a little bit shaken up, but not until this morning. Here’s why, I hope I can describe it.

Last evening I left a friend’s house in North Central Phoenix, heading home. When I got in the truck, I happened to look up, facing west. I saw something like I’d never seen before. The moon was low in the western sky, giving off a full-moon level of light, but the moon itself showed one thin vertical strip of light, that was it. As I backed out I looked I stopped and looked again (I should have gotten my friend). The strip of light was divided in half giving off two bright rays that shined down thickly to the left. Black dark clouds were roiling over it, thick enough to channel the light downward and the light shined against more moving clouds beneath the moon. Something seemed really wrong and creepy about that whole scenario.I felt it as I saw it, it was something I couldn’t decipher, justify or even explain well.

A thick mass of clouds circled upward overcoming the scene. For a second the light of the moon around the mass of black clouds gave the impression of some type of portal, a clear and bright contrast between darkness and light. I even thought of CERN. I also was thinking about how bold they’ve gotten dropping nasty junk on us from the air, I’d never seen anything this thick and active in chemtrails.

As I drove it was behind me a few minutes. When next i was able to see it the light of the moon was gone. While there were no clouds distinguishable the whole lower sky to the west was bathed in darkness. A friend says he’s seen nibiru with the naked eye, and I though “If they can darken the sky this fast maybe they are trying to hide what’s going on out there. If they can darken the entire moon in a few minutes… It was bizarre.

This morning I walked outside at about 5:30. The moon is up rising in the East ahead of the sun, right now. Two bright stars are ahead of it in a straight line. It is a sliver, a crescent at the bottom.

So I’m a little shaken up because what I saw to the West last night was not the moon.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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