UFO Sighting in Mokena, Illinois on 2020-05-15 21:30:00 – Extremely bright sphere that changed shapes, pulsated, changed altitude suddenly

We walked 3 houses down from ours to our neighbor’s house and joined them on their backyard deck. about 10 minutes after our arrival, my wife and i saw an extremely bright object appear over their roofline, moving at a somewhat steady pace from the west (as we faced south). it was about the size of a golf ball held at arm’s length at that moment, and appeared to be spherical shaped. my wife saw it initially as an odd shape – like a rectangle with a circle at one end, and then as a sphere. it was difficult to focus on, like the edges were fuzzy, and it was hard to determine it’s altitude and distance from us. it seemed to have flashes of violet and blue, but it was mostly bright white. we did not see any typical aircraft indicator lights (red, green, strobes) and it was not a drone. it did not look like any satellite we’d ever seen. i tried to start a video recording on my phone but the app crashed twice before i could get a video started. the object was now in front of us over the house across the street, but at a much higher altitude. we aren’t sure when the change in altitude occurred but it was now much higher. it seemed mostly spherical but was pulsating and sort of vibrating. it was silent. it continued heading east-northeast and i was about to lose sight of it behind the neighbor’s tree so i hopped up onto the deck bench and finally started recording. it disappeared northeast of us shortly after i began the video.

the images i’ve submitted are zoomed-in still shots from my original video (filmed on an iphone x plus).

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