UFO Sighting in Mobile, Alabama on 2019-08-19 20:06:00 – Flying v wider distance between wingtips observed 150' over head 2 times approximately 25 minutes apart speed less than 30 mph.

I own both properties with a large 2 1/2 acre pond in between joined by a dam . i was meeting a neighbor at property on other side of dam to bandage an injured horse i drove the nissan frontier down the hill and to the farm gate on my end of the dam as i stepped out of vehicle to open the gate the pond is to my left drivers side and a heavily wooded campground is to my right passengers side and i saw just above the treetops (approximately 100′ tall a red light and as i looked up as it was directly over my head i stumbled down the slope and climbed back up watching it the whole time as it passed over my head. it was approximately 20-30 minutes after dark with a partial moon out i could see clearly the v shape with the moon in between the wings no fuselage no sound . i was scrambling to get my phone out of the truck (it had fallen on the passenger side floor board as i grabbed it the ends of the wings were just past my head about 400ft between the wing tips which were angled not pointed . it had red light under the front at the apex and one white light under and at end of each wing the size of front end loader tires flush with the surface of the ufo self illuminating but cast no light onto the ground though i could see them reflected in the pond by the time i got my camera up on my cell phone it was already going over the trees on the other side of the pond . i got one photo. went and opened the gate and drove across the dam. my friend and neighbor pulled up and we immediately bandaged the horse . i said i had to tell her something after. my concentration was on the horses injury and as she is very unhandled i don’t talk so as not to get kicked in the head. when i was done i stood up and said okay you are not going to believe what i saw pointing back towards the dam and she said ” that” and we both saw it coming over the trees from the campground again but this time it was over our heads so was one width further to the east. again my phone was in the truck and i would never have reached it in time but we both watched it pass overhead.

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