UFO Sighting in Minnesota on 2005-11-26 08:00:00 – We were driving along 35e going south, there was quite a bit of air trafic, so i thought this was a plane, however it just captured my attention and i kept watching it, never breaking eye contact with it, it seemed to follow us home.

1) riding along in the car while my b/f was driving
2) i just was watching the sky, nothing abnormal as most activity is just planes as i was fairly close to the airport on 35e going south.

3) a plane
4) it was more of a glowing light, there was a subtle center to it, which kind of moved and transformed, but overall it was a very bright light that moved a long side of us on 35e, it changed directions as we did, through the exit of yankee doodle road, it turned left as well, but was way too low to be a plane. it rested and stopped when we did as well at our house, i asked my b/f if he could see it, he said yes, must me a light on a tower near by or something because it wasn’t moving, first he thought it was a plane, i didn’t comment at first that it followed us home.
5) my reactions were some interest, actually just felt pretty peaceful during the entire time, not fearful at all.
felt content. i do remember seeing another light out of the corner of my eye, but for whatever reason i chose not to focus on that one.

6) it was outside for more then a half an hour as i would just walk to the window and check to see if it was still there, now i kind of wished i got binoculars to go outside to look a bit closer, though i felt no urgent rush to do so. it was basically in the same spot for more then an half an hour.
6) eventually about 30-40 min later i went and checked and there wasn’t any light in the trees any longer.

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