UFO Sighting in Miami Beach, Florida on 2020-07-06 22:03:00 – This report is of unusual shadows detected on digital file while taking photo of moon.

While taking photos of moon i noticed 2 long shadow on lunar surface one of the playback files, at the time i disregarded the playback and continued taking photos.

upon saving the photos to my laptop closer examination revealed that the frame prior to the two shadows appearing had a spot on the moons that lined up with the shadows that later appear in next frame.
the images with shadows also apear blurry for some reason although all frames were exposed via timer. no hands on equipment at time of exposure.

the frame after the shadows appeared have no shadows. i am submitting the images for evaluation, i tried to enhance them with no success.

the info i entered in file name is a reference to time of exposure. p.M. e.S.T.

reference to elevation is estimate. exact inclinometer was not used at time.

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