UFO Sighting in Medellín, Antioquia on 2020-08-01 19:15:00 – 5 bright blue lights equadistance hovering then drifting to the ne making rapid eratic movements

At 19:15 hours in medellin i saw 5 bright blue objects to the east of me. the moon was out sky was clear with a few clouds. the objects were equal distance apart and stationary. i had a 8×36 monocle optic. itge objects were in the direction of the moon but i would estimate withen a mile. they started making very eratic rapid movements in unison. at first i thought maybe someone had a laser with 5 beams moving them in unison but then i realized there was mothing to reflect the laser off of. the sky was clear behind them i could see stars. the objects started drifting to the ne but kept there equal distance from each other. from the first to the fifth itvwould be some kilometers?Apart. i had to leave my apt and go to the front gate. i observed the objects drift always to the ne ascend decend and make rapid irregular movements always in unison. as they drifted the distance between them grew larger but always equal distance. the last time i coukd view the last one was at 18:31 hours. i am a firmer green beret combat diver and was a trained sniper.

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