UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California – Extremely bright light fixed in place then moving very quickly becoming brighter then darker

In front of house suburban l.A. (sfv) looked up to see jupiter and saturn and noticed something that appeared like venus but much higher in the sky and not in the “orbital planeâ€� noticed it was far brighter than venus or jupiter or sirius. stationary for about 3-4 minutes then it moved about one inch from my pov to the east. then changed direction to the northeast very quickly. called mother out to see. she saw the same thing i saw before i described what i saw. the light appeared to point almost directly in my direction.Extremely bright on many occasions. then went extremely dim only to instantly appear extremely bright. at one point 3 times in a consistent pattern. then faded in and out while beginning to make movements across the sky. it moved far faster than any drone i have ever seen and made near 90â° direction changes. when not extremely bright it had a very dim orange hue. disappeared for about 1-1 1/2 minutes then appeared in a different location then last seen moving. continued movements for another 4 minutes but extremely dim. it did not appear to be close, i have flown rc aircraft and have spent hundreds of hours at the local airfield, and have never seen anything move like this before. a helicopter could never be that small in the sky nor change direction or accelerate anywhere like that. all in all about 12-15 minutes of consistent observation. object had no red blue yellow or green colors at all… just a brilliant white. will add video as soon as it is downloaded.

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