UFO Sighting in Lone Tree, Colorado on 2016-11-12 19:30:00 – Just a bright red object moving slowly on the horizon them suddenly disappeared

On September 16, 1994, 60 students at Ariel School located in Zimbabwe claimed they’d witnessed what many believe to be a UFO landing and close encounter of the fourth kind. During this same time frame, thousands of people in Zimbabwe reported seeing UFOs.

The children reported seeing a large silver metallic saucer land just beyond the school playground during their morning break time. They also reported two alien beings, one taller than the other outside the space ship (1).

The aliens were described as being about the same height as the children, dressed in black skin-tight suits and having long dark hair. The aliens had dark almond-shaped eyes.

At one point, the aliens moved toward the children. Frightened the children became hysterical and ran en masse back to the school, most sobbing by the time they reached their teachers.

Immediately following the incident, the children were interviewed by Tim Leach, BBC Bureau Chief and noted BBC war reporter along with many other news agency journalists.

The teachers described how the children came running back to the school. One teacher said the way they ran in unison reminded her of a snake moving across the school yard. Several teachers commented that knowing children the way they did, it would be impossible to get a group of 60 students to carry out such a hoax.

The children retold their stories to Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard Professor of Psychiatry and famous abductee investigator, Dr. John Mack when he and his team flew to Zimbabwe to interview the children.

The children described how the large disc landed among the trees and when they arrived to investigate, one being was running back and forth across the top of the spacecraft while a taller one stood off to the side. Upon seeing the children, the taller being turned and many children claimed it had large oval eyes that were dark and slanted upwards on the head. None seemed to recognize a nose and mouth.

Some of the children stated the beings were black with long hair, but that the hair wasn’t curly. They described the hair as shoulder length or below the shoulders.

Many of the children began to cry when the taller being turned its attention to them. A few of the children described how they felt threatened by the way the being looked at them. One girl said she felt the creature wanted her while others felt the being had shown them a dire future for the world ending in destruction. One boy said he felt the being showed him the effects of pollution to the planet.

It was when both beings started moving toward the group of children as though they were floating or hopping that the children ran off screaming heading back to the school yard.

During the interviews, several children described smaller UFOs scattered around the large one. One girl said she felt the aliens were there because they were curious and wanted to see the Earth up close to examine the grass, plants and trees.

John Mack Institute and Documentary

After his interviews with the children, Dr. Mack concluded the 60 children had in fact experienced something.

So impressed by the children’s sincerity, the John Mack Institute contacted Randall Nickerson, a filmmaker, to inquire about making a documentary about the children’s encounter (2).

The documentary film has subsequently been undertaken but yet released. A trailer for the documentary “Ariel Phenomenon” can be found on YouTube or viewed above.

The incident was at first widely discussed and broadcast, but the interest seemed to quickly die down and years later, the children felt they had basically been discounted since they were only children.

In a German news report, several of the children told the journalist that even their own parents didn’t believe them. Without that validation from their own families, it’s no wonder that as adults, many feel their stories haven’t been heard and largely ignored by the world.

References & Image Credits:
(1) YouTube
(2) Ariel Phenomenon

Check out the original source here.

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