UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on 2020-08-09 01:30:00 – Witness 2 observed a stationary set off lights blinking like christmas tree lights various colours

In north west sky witness 2 observed a set of blinking lights they moved east then stationary for about 1 to 2 minutes .
we thought drone . witness one thought it made air type sound .
it started to slowly move east but it chained shape .Or configuration it looked like now two sets of blinking lights .
it appeared to have a shape like a helicopter that was translucent ( stealth?)
the lights would be in front and back in circular pattern
if it was helicopter ðÿš� it had two sets of rotors and lights around them that blinked on and off in random pattern
witness 2 thought it had a “clothes line “ structure with lights attacked to it .
there wasn’t very many clouds sky was relatively clear although there were thin clouds sparsely covering below craft ( like thin smoke or fog )
looking at reports the clouds were 10,000 feet so this object was above clouds by 100 to 500 feet . ( really hard to say ) .
after it faded off into distance in a tree witness two observed a blink of a softball white light in tree top about 25 feet in the air about 25 feet away . he thought a firefly but then it occurred it was too big and too bright he had feeling something was watching and then left when detected.
note the university of western ontario is about 4 miles to east of this location direction object moved.
reason reporting is because we can identify it and the object was stationary hovered with no engine sound . ( sound like air moving ) .
plus it was above clouds and size would be size of a nickel to a dime at arms length . so if clouds were at 10,000 feet ( this is questionable ) the object may have been quite large .
on another note about 2 weeks prior witness two observed a object going up quickly in same location a solid yellowish light which he did video .

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