UFO Sighting in London, England on 2019-01-12 23:00:00 – Object flashed bright white light sequentially, it moved erratically in the air, in the same region of the sky.

At approximately 23:00 on 12/01/2019 i went into my kitchen to wash up some dishes. i noticed a flashing light above the roof on a school building opposite my garden. at first i assumed it was some sort of security light installed ontop of the building, until i looked closely and realised the light was in the air. it seemed unusual in how bright it was, the way it would flash and the object would move erratically whilst flashing, but more or less stationary. i then went upstairs into my bedroom in the loft to get a better look at the object. i opened the video and began to view the object. it behaved in a way that no plane or helicopter i had ever seen, it was also completely silent. it would flash and move in an unusual and erratic manner, not following a flight path like conventional air craft. i proceeded to film the object using my mobile phone camera. i also called my dad to witness the object. my wife also witnessed the object. the object would then at time stop flashing and move across the sky, and it’s shape would become somewhat apparent because a faint green glow surrounded it as it moved across the air. my wife and i witnessed the object for over an hour, in more or less the same area of the sky (above the school building). when i felt tired and prepared to go to bed, it was still visible and flashing white light as seen in the video clips. the total time of the sighting was over 1 hour.

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