UFO Sighting in Lolo, Montana on June 5th 2016 – appeared like a large close fast satellite flying straight by then shot up and disappeared


I was out on my apartment porch, enjoying the early evening weather. I have always been an astronomy enthusiast and make an effort to look at the sky and test my knowledge of constellations and solar system objects.

I was looking West over the buildings, and noticed the sudden appearance of a bright light between the constellations Gemini and Auriga. The light entered in a North-East direction and at first I thought it was a meteorite or iridium flare. It had a slight trail of light following it to a tapered point. What really caught my attention was that it appeared to decelerate. The object then abruptly stopped and executed a 90 degree turn, headed North. The object then continued on the new trajectory for about 5 seconds until it disappeared.

The UFO did not make any perceivable noise, nor did it move like a conventional aircraft / natural object. The only other object in my sight was a commercial airplane, traveling in a South East direction a few minutes prior.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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