UFO Sighting in Lockhart, Texas on 2020-09-07 22:49:00 – Single white light hovering, turning red for a period of time, then back to white. erratic path.

On 9/7/20 at around 10:45 pm i was on my porch smoking a cigarette (tobacco). i glanced eastward at the sky as i usually do to stargaze and observe the planets positions on the elliptical path, when i saw a noticeably bright white light (it seemed to be more of a “soft” white light, yellow/red tone undertones in the whiteness–not a hot blue white light, if that makes sense?). the light seemed to be hovering, moving ever so slightly–but mostly stationary. it felt unusual. i glanced at the nearest bright planet (i can’t recall if was mars or jupiter!) to compare the magnitude and apparent distance. the “ufo” was still shining in my peripheral, but when i glanced back to focus on it, it simply blinked out. disappeared. maybe 5-10 seconds later, the light returned in the same spot then quickly moved in a northward direction, dipped low, just above the tree tops, blinked out, and reappeared as a red light. it continued in a northward path, moving erratically. at times dipping below the tree line, then shooting up erratically, turning white again, then moved straight up vertically, blinked on and off. for a moment it was stationary, then disappeared again. it reappeared as red and began moving in a southward path (towards initial sighting location). again, it turned white, then back to red, then began moving slowly and sinking down to just above the tree line and blinked out. i attempted to take 3 videos, only one of which shows both the red and white occurrences light, the video was taken at 10:49 pm. all in all, i would say the light was visible to me for 4-5 minutes, although the video is only around 1 minute. i shared this experience with a local friend, who mentioned that a buddy of his had seen a “ufo” and caught a video clip of it. i asked if it could be sent to me, so i also have a clip from an unknown person who saw a light in lockhart as well, but i noticed this other video was taken on 9/4/20. three days before my sighting. i will say the lights in both videos acted very similarly, although there is no sign of the light turning red in the additional video. i assume it may well have been a drone, but i have never seen drones behave in this manner with the specific color tones i witnessed. for what its worth, though it’s not a “scientific statement” i intuitively felt that something felt off, or different, about the way the light behaved. in the 9/7 video, while the light seems to simply disappear, if you watch closely or can zoom in, you will see it continue until almost the end of the footage as a dim red light. harder to pick up red at night on an iphone 8 camera.

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