UFO Sighting in Lockesburg, Arkansas on 1997-08-18 02:12:00 – After 30 minutes it started moving very fast. it would stop and shoot very fast in different directions think it made a circle or two. it was super fast. then shot down below the trees/horizon


Me and my 1st cousin was about 13 to 15 years old.
we was staying the night at my grandmas house not far from my house. after everyone was asleep we snuck out. walked to my house. and was sitting in the back yard under the stars talking we talked about stars and other stuff. one of us pointed out one star being brighter than the others. we kept on chatting. after about 30minutes he asked me was that bright star moving. so i started looking and it was moving slowly at first. then it started moving very fast stoping instantly and then shooting off in a different direction it made a few circles stopped. then shot down below the horizon/trees. not sure if it landed or not. but it scared us both. we had to walk back in the dark to our grandma's house. and we took knifes from my moms kitchen. it's been years since i talked to my cousin about it. so i asked him just the other day what he remembered. to see how well my memory held up. and he remembered it happening exactly the same way as me. every since that night i've always gave a close look at the night sky. i have seen other weird stuff but that one stands out.

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