UFO Sighting in Littleton, Colorado on 2020-09-14 20:00:00 – Stationary lights observed by 4 occupants of my vehicle. lights began to appear and change locations before one fell and the rest disappeared..

Myself and three other family members were driving up the street toward our house at approximately 1950 hours. as we continued northbound, we all noticed 4-6 strange lights in the sky straight ahead of us at about 340 degrees nw from our location and approximately 30 degrees off of the horizon. after i stopped the vehicle, we noticed the stationary white colored lights were multiplying as other lights would join the hovering group in a linear type formation. once there were approximately 8 lights in the sky, they began to move like fireflies, changing positions and then coming together in a tighter formation. it was at this point that one of the objects “fell” from the sky creating a commit type of effect. upon seeing this, i drove quickly around the corner of my property to observe the lights without obstruction. as we relocated, the light vanished within seconds.

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