UFO Sighting in Liberty, South Carolina on 2020-04-03 15:29:00 – Actually i was taking random pics n did realize what i captured until i got home

My gf and i was driving home n liberty sc ..I’m forever taking pics well this day i was taking a pic of the sunset…But it was so bright i closed my eyes and took the pic lol well when i got home n checked it out ..What i thought was our dirty window was a ufo about the trees as plane as day well i took two pics ..So i seen the ufo in the 2nd pic but as i noticed the first pic as i was aiming the camera n took the first shot it was in the distance so when i some how ending up taking the last pic n it br right in my face ?? weird thing is..My pic says 329 pm n the time on the second pic was 7 ish ..?? i’m like how is that when i took the pics 5 sec apart i do have the pics i took with my cell phone

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