UFO Sighting in Lebanon, New Hampshire on 2021-09-03 19:00:00 – Asymetrical white/silver pointed object over field

Witnessed what looked like a large object in the sky over the sachem athletic field. was with another person when we both saw this object. it had no clear shape. it looked somewhat cylindrical and reflective, but there were sharp angles on it that did not appear symmetrical. it had no discernible lights. it seemed very white/silver. we both asked each other what we were looking at. we were standing in the open field at the far back near the apartment community there. we had been watching a cessna plane that had been circling the field and the apartment community over and over. the object was not close to the plane, but it seemed like the plane would have been aware of it as it circled not too far away. it was hard to determine how high the object was in relation to the plane. we stood looking up at it and it seemed to hover or be moving very slowly. there was no sound at all. it was in open sky not far from a line of very tall pine trees. when we looked at it, the cessna would be at our backs, flying over the treeline on the opposite side. the sun had recently gone down. the sky was clear, not dark yet.

what was odd is that other people were in the area walking their dogs, but they seemed oblivious. the person with me asked if we were the only ones seeing it. it seemed so odd that no one was looking up, especially since we were standing their staring up. all we could think is that they thought we were watching the plane (but we were facing away from it, so i don’t know). we were out for a short walk and did not bring phones.

we watched the object begin to slowly move off toward the treeline. i am short and when object moved past the treeline, i lost sight of it. i wondered if the object could have something to do with the cessna, but i just don’t know. we turned around and began to watch the cessna again. then we saw another object, much, much smaller. not reflective. i feel like it looked sort of brown or dark colored. i asked the person with me if that was a drone and maybe it was there to record the cessna. i asked again if they thought that strange looking larger object might have something to do with the cessna. the large object did not return. when we left, the cessna was still circling the area.

we did not know what the larger object in the sky could have been, but we both wanted to know. still, there seem to be no way to find out, and we also could not sort out why we were the only two looking at it when the field had other people there, too.

for the next couple days, i just kept my eyes on the sky in this area. and on september 6 at about 1:15pm, i saw a white ball moving through the sky very fast. what are the odds? it was not very far from where we saw the first object, but this thing seemed high up in the sky. it was very stormy outside. there was a large opening in the clouds over the trees and the white ball came moving out of the clouds very quickly and traveled across the blue space until it went into the clouds. it felt like a very purposeful movement. it was not floating or drifting. it seemed to be moving very rapidly. there were no wings on it. right after it went into the clouds, the clouds really started to move and they swallowed up all the blue space, the winds picked up and it started to rain. i don’t think that is related, but i wanted to report that there was a lot of storm energy in the sky and maybe that was causing some kind of phenomena.

i have no idea what these things were. maybe they are some natural phenomena that i just have never been exposed to. i don’t know. i decide to just report it in the event someone else saw anything on those days, or perhaps someone can tell me what it was we were looking at.

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