UFO Sighting in Laurel, Indiana on 2019-09-02 21:02:00 – It was like a large ball of light

My aunt has seen a ball shaped ufo that appeared to be a prob of light , she had told me about it recently and does not want to disclose her name or the exact location of where this happened . she was setting out on her porch a few nights back about a week or two ago and out of nowhere a sphere shaped ball of light appeared and went from one side of the road passed a cow pastor . near the pastor it stopped and shined a multicolored light of primarily red , blue , green and yellow . it appeared to be looking for something . i asked her why she didn't get her camera and she said it happened so fast if i went in to get it , i would of missed it . my aunt is very religious and didn't believe in ufos but after what she had seen she said maybe you were right about them , and this is a woman who doesn't apologize for being wrong so i believed her . the reason why she didn't want to write this report is because she didn't want people to think she was crazy or have the government like the men in black to threaten her and her family but i believe that people needs to hear this story

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