UFO Sighting in Lansing, Michigan on March 5th 2015 – Spotted UFO while travelling on I-96 outside Lansing, MI.

Possible UFO sighting in St Albans baffles resident - News - Herts ...

18:01 27 February 2015

Was there a UFO over St Albans?

Was there a UFO over St Albans?


A “round silver object” flying in the air has puzzled one early morning commuter on her way in to the office.

Sue Ibbison, who lives in Marshalswick, was walking along Hatfield Road at 7.10am on Tuesday (24) when she saw the peculiar object “moving steadily in the sky” by the road’s junction with Ashley Road.

She said: “I had to get up early to walk to the station, I just saw it quite high up but not as high up as a commercial airline.

“It was silver and round but I couldn’t see any wings – I just thought that it was very strange.

“I thought it may have been a private jet but it seemed to be too high for that and it certainly wouldn’t have been a light aircraft because I would have easily heard it. It could have been a drone but I’m not sure.

“A couple of minutes later a standard ordinary Easyjet came into view which I could hear and see clearly.

“The small silver object pretty much directly ahead of this passenger jet continued slowly on its way. Oh for a pair of binoculars!”

She went on: “I just wondered if anyone else saw it as I found it very interesting and strange.”

Did you see the object in the Fleetville area of the city on Tuesday morning?

Leave your comments below.

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