UFO Sighting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on 2020-12-15 14:12:00 – Ssssss

My son jeff is posting this on my behalf. the sighting occured around may 10th-15th in 2014. upon reviewing the photos today (dec 11, 2020) we decided the images are truly intriguing – as we found much greater detail today when we looked at them on a large pad rather than on my small phone that night it happened.

it was around 8pm or so on a warm night and i went out to my backyard as i often do for some fresh air. i immediately noticed strange lights above my garage and walked out a bit farther and looked to where they were sse between the back of my garage and some trees on the right.

there was a horizontal black bar with a blue, red and white light (cannot recall the exact order). it didn’t look like a helicopter or anything i’m used to seeing. it made no sound and did not move – just hovered where it was maybe 2000 feet or 3 miles away (i couldn’t tell the distance).

then it changed shape, the bar folded up on each side so that now there were two vertical bars with the lights. struck by this i went inside to get my phone and use its camera to take photos (included with this filing). the photos show what it did next, it turned into long vertical red bar then changed into a gold orb, then a white orb and cycled through some colors again. no sound the whole time and it did not change location. after about 7 or 8 minutes with my camera it just seemed to take off vertically or disappeared (not really sure).

the pictures, which we reviewed again today, show some kind of structure within the lights (a black object or objects when its within the white orb – an outline of a sphere(?) when the red is above and below it, and a kind of texture when it’s gold.

in one image there is a shimmer of mostly purple (with some green) light that seems to come from it – i did not see this with my eyes but it showed up in the photographic image.

Read more & see it on a MAP

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