UFO Sighting in Lake City, Arkansas on October 19th 1989 – Driving late at night and observed round dome object with lights underneath hovering over local Sheriff’s house.


In October 1979 I was driving with a friend down a rural road in Lake City, Arkansas (population 2,000). As we cleared the tree line we observed a large circular craft with orange and yellow lights around the bottom of the craft hovering about 50 feet above the home of our local Sheriff. His home sat at the intersection of the road we were travelling on and Catfish Drive. We accelerated to the crossroad and stopped on the street in front of his home when four friends driving toward us (South) on Catfish Drive stopped along side of us. The craft immediately flew straight up and to the west at an amazing rate of speed and suddenly disappeared from view. We heard no sounds from the craft but the individual lights that circled the under carriage of the craft, appeared to pulse in a rotation pattern and were visible for about two seconds during the craft’s assent. We were literally within 50-100 feet from the craft.

We all (6 of us)discussed it and decided not to report it for fear that no one would believe us. Recently, I confirmed my recollection of the events surrounding that experience with the friend I was in the car with some 30+ years ago, and his memory of the event was the same. I thought it was time to finally file a report. I didn’t do this before because I was a military member for 30 years. I am now retired. The person I was riding with was Mike Owens. The person driving the second car was Michael Fry.

What has always been in the back of my mind is that our Sheriff had a picture-perfect family and home. He had three sons, all who had bright futures. Closely following the event we witnessed, his oldest son quit college, became an alcoholic and eventually committed suicide by crashing his car. I often wondered through the years if this event was related and if by speaking up we might have made a difference. The middle son also passed away but the youngest son has thrived in life.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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