UFO Sighting in Lafayette, New Jersey on 2021-06-10 20:23:00 – Flying straight up for 2 seconds from ground up then disappeared for about 2-3 seconds then appeared in a flash as if opened a wormhole and was gone

Has anyone ever felt the same as to being watched by an unidentifiable object in the sky. it would blink once with a bright flash then the next thjng yiu know it would blink again but with a less bright flash this time but be fron 9 oclock to 12 oclock in the sky that quickly. humanly impossible if you ask me. then we saw it an hour later by our house but it just flashed and straight traveled away til it disappeared. it was a 2 or 3 second ordeal amd it was gone. if were being watched what are the chances of some sort of contact with these entities? because i would love to have an experience such as that. i honestly dont think j would freak out. itd be like meeting a ghost. instead of freaking out and ruining the moment i would want to act normal like meeting a big star or somethjng. that star would probably level with you more if you acted cool you know? thats how i look at it at least

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