UFO Sighting in Kelso, Washington on 1999-11-24 04:00:00 – Ufo hovered above my mother and i while we were hunting out in the woods for deer.

Around november 1999 (approx) my mother had asked me to take her hunting. my father passed away a couple years prior and my mother loved going in the woods and hunting. before i give you the details, the back story is my mother is a christian and she never liked to question god or believe in anything like bigfoot or ufo’s. my mother had asked me to take her deer hunting. my mother was disabled and could not go out walking, so she had a special hunt permit that allowed us to shoot from the truck. i was driving an old primmer gray chevy truck, it was about a 1984. (approx) i always liked hunting in the headquarters unit right outside of kelso, wa. weyerhaeuser the logging company had built a landfill out in the woods in headquarters for their millwright. my father worked for weyerhaeuser for over 30 years and we did a lot of hunting and fishing out on the mount saint helens tree farm. i knew that we would need to pay attention to semi trucks rolling in and out of the area. i drove my mother and i out to headquarters around 3am and we stopped on a road that was about a mile long. this road had about 3 foot jack furs and was a great road to watch the deer cross in the early morning and evening, because the deer would go down to the lake and get a drink of water. we sat on this road for about 20 minutes or so and then my mother asked me to get us a cold soda from the cooler in the bed of the truck. i get out and grab me a sandwich and a diet coke, and also my mother a diet coke. just as i am shutting the cooler, i notice lights coming down the road from a great distance. i jumped back in the truck and told my mother i think a semi truck is coming down the road. the truck was sitting right in the middle of the road and the road was only about 8 feet or so wide. i knew right away, i either needed to move the truck off the road or move on down the road. i decided to move the truck off the road, but the only problem was there were about a 3 or 4 foot ditch on both sides of the road. i slowly pulled the truck about 4 feet off the road and was continuing to monitor the semi truck coming down the road. i got the truck off the road and the lights grew brighter, and brighter until it seemed like day light. my mother who was in the passenger seat of the truck said, that is not a semi truck, its a helicopter. i stuck my head out the window of my truck like i was resting the back of my neck on the window jam. i literally was in shock. i see this circular disc, as bright as can be. the weird part of it, it was bright but i could see it clearly. it was the size of about 6 of my trucks side by side and completely round. it hovered over my mother and i for about 20 seconds. my mother started screaming. she now realized this was not a semi truck or a helicopter. she is grabbing her little hand gun out of the glove box and screaming for me to drive away. seeing something like this freaks you out and it didn’t help my mother was screaming. i put the truck in drive and floored it. the issue with getting away from this, the truck was stuck in this ravine and it took me a minute to get out of the ditch i pulled over in. i eventually got the truck back up on the road and high tailed it out of there. the ufo followed the truck for about 200 feet and then we seen it bolt off like lighting. no sound, no smell, and no deer that day. i treated my mother like crap all day, because i was mad at her for screaming. i really wanted to get out of the truck and see if they would land. i think i apologized to her for 6 months saying sorry for being an ass that day. she always told me after that day. she would say. i was not a believer but i sure am now. i may be missing some details, but that is pretty much what i can remember. this was about 21 years ago. people can believe what they want, but when you are there and you are only 20 feet or so away from something like this. it will change your life or at least make you look up more.

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