UFO Sighting in Kelseyville, California on 2020-05-28 13:56:23 – Stars blinked on and off, and were a diamond, then triangle

This is my wife carol’s report as placed on social media: what did mark and i just see in the night sky? (between 12:am and 1:30 am this morning the 28th of may)

well, the dog needed to go out and do her business before the household folded in on itself and went to sleep.

she came back to the side door to come in but her demeanor spelled out something was scaring her so she hadn’t done a thing.

this is not significant – she is scared of hop toads, skunks, possums and you name it. it’s like she has no idea she is a 60 lb pit bull/border collie mix. so i said let’s go out together – you’ll visit the hill above the house and i’ll sit on the porch couch and relax.

something caught my eye in the sky so i looked over above bob and susan’s house to the northeast. there i thought i saw the big dipper. logic took over – the dipper is always out in front of the house – never anywhere to be sighted from the side porch.

but there was a group of four stars forming a diamond shape. what was unusual was that they blinked on and off, the way variable christmas tree lights would. i ran in and grabbed my glasses so i could make them out more clearly.

they blinked on and off. the main four “stars” were the brightest. sometimes less apparent stars would come out of hiding and twinkle as well. maybe nine to 12 stars total were involved.

i went in and called my spouse. he came right away.

we spent most of a half hour watching. in the beginning, there were seven or eight main stars, but four ended up migrating behind the pines on a hill and could not be seen from where we stood after they made their move. the diamond shape of 4 prominent stars eventually became an isosceles triangle with only 3 stars that leaned in a slant like the triangle was going uphill. the star it lost was behind the pines.

here is what was amazing: it was not just that they twinkled on and off. the amazing part was this: it was that they migrated from one part of the lower sky to another without being visible as they traveled to the new spot they adopted. a star would blink off only to re-appear on the other side of the diamond – but it was not seen going there.

at one point we noted one of the stars occasionally flashed red, but it turned out to be a plane whose altitude allowed it to look for a little while like it was up in the heavens. we also saw a shooting star.

the only way this situation could be man made would be if someone had an army of drones. some would be stationed in a prominent configuration and made to blink on and off. and some would be in a given spot and would only blink on after one of the prominent stars had fully blinked off.

but why would anyone employ an army of drones to do this? i guess as a joke or whatever.

i wonder if this is an isolated incident? we tried to film it but our camera does not work in poorly lit conditions that were needed to make the night sky stars appear visible.

is anyone else seeing or hearing about some event like this?



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