UFO Sighting in Imperial, California on 2020-10-05 08:17:00 – Recorded a video and a picture of a ufo

The Evolution of Science and the Interactive Universe

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  1. Never heard of this guy before, but he’s got some interesting things to say. I was checking out [this other article](https://medium.com/@deep_1645/we-live-in-an-alien-playground-ea70b93879) and came across a very interesting quote:

    >**A couple months ago I briefed a prominent North American Aerospace Defence Organization on how to detect and track hypersonic UFOs**. It had *some* overlap with my main line of work, which is heading a small Quantum Computing company out of Toronto — fortunately backed by Bloomberg’s venture funding arm and other VCs. We build software that run on normal computers as well, for which one of our clients includes one of the top 4 banks in Canada. After graduating Industrial Engineering I was supposed to take up a high paying job as AI engineer and head of an AI division within Wealth Management at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)..but I left after 4 days and ended up pursuing my passion for quantum mechanics to the point that I managed to turn it into a career.
    >Recently my paper got accepted into a top conference within my field (which is Quantum Information and Computing), I ended up being the only solo author who was accepted and didn’t possess a PhD. **Last week I had a call with a scientist who was given a contract by the Pentagon’s UFO program which was recently declassified in 2017. He mentioned to me that the intelligence the DIA was studying is capable of manipulating people’s consciousness easily**, and I half jokingly, half hesitantly said to him, **“Does that mean the phenomenon could have seeded your brain with the set of hypotheses you just listed off to me regarding where it might be physically originating from (ie deep underground, extra dimensions or from space)?”**
    >**Without skipping a beat this defence contractor, 60+ year old senior scientist said, “Yes. Absolutely. In fact it might be possible that the way we perceive this intelligence could have been planted in our DNA millions of years ago.” So we could have been primed to interpret the entire essence of an advanced nonhuman being in certain culturally appropriate ways (such as a grey alien, an angel, etc).**

    EDIT: Of course, he goes on to say some really wild things in that article with no evidence. But I guess it’s all just his theory.

  2. Anyone has more info about this excerpt? :

    … “In 1994, over 120 school children in a school in Zimbabwe swore up and down that they encountered small alien beings who came down in a traditional flying saucer shaped UAP and communicated messages to them. Not all school children saw these beings despite being in the same exact location or just a few feet away from each other”….

    I did not know some kids could not see the scene when others could. Is there any document about that? That’s a really interesting part!!!

  3. Perhaps then, these craft are the equivalent of the quantum suits in Avengers Endgame, go into another layer of reality and jump out faster than light somewhere else. If the universe is indeed a connected internet of sorts, when a species becomes sentient, starts questioning themselves, paints, creates religion etc, it’s like logging on, and no matter the distance a being that has been logged on for some time would see a new species has joined the net and stops by to investigate? Perhaps the sightings throughout history are not aliens visiting over thousands of years but a number of species all stopping by at different points in our history, maybe all within a very short period of time?

  4. Great imaginative article with lots to ponder! Always great to hear what Mr. Prasad has to say.

    When he speaks of peacefully capturing a UAP I just wonder how this would be possible. In fact it scares the shit out of me.

    From Deep’s article:

    “When I say peaceful, I mean we have to do everything we can to safely detect, track and capture a UAP without causing damage to it or its constituents. The recovered UAP should belong to no individual entity or group of entities. It should be treated as a gift to the entire world and one whose value every Human on Earth should benefit from in a positive, non-violent way. ”


    I could just imagine a Christopher Columbus reentering a Spanish harbor proclaiming how the new slaves “Should be treated as a gift to the world whose value every subject and colonist should benefit from.”

    Chilling stuff Deep, …..Chilling stuff.


    This concept sort of reeks of an entitled dissection scientist with a a coldly detached destructive attitude all in the name of science. Have you really thought this out? I guess I would have to ask if you think that you would want that done to you? Just imagine your successfully augmented cybernetic transhuman self 40 years from now exploring the moons of beutelgeuse’s local group when suddenly some motha fucka grabs your shiny saucer body out of the ether and you are suddenly some ones “constituents”, as in, your a prisoner of war BRO. I suppose this violent over sight of yours could be overlooked on the basis of needing to do a little bit more research on the naivety of your desire to capture some “constituents.” Violence begets more violence bro.

    “It’s constituents”??? Deep bro are you serious? I mean assuming that there are physical craft or physical constituents in the first place how could this be done peacefully? Assuming there is a conscious being or Super advanced probe how would this ever be done peacefully? Have you heard about the principles of non-aggression? Assuming there is some Valleeian control system that has been actively shaping our evolution, and these things are not in humanity’s best interest, this idea of capturing the constituents and their transport device would not be in the interest of deescalation or in our best interest either. I could imagine some kind of dead man’s switch that would be triggered should the cargo cult primitives ever get a hold of the dangerous technology, once again assuming its even permanently residing in our physical dimension.


    This idea is romantic from a colonizer/warlike species standpoint but abhorrent in the name of peace bro. In the name of all that is good and sacred, Please reconsider potentially starting a war with an unseen advanced intelligence.



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