UFO Sighting in Hugo, Minnesota on 2020-11-26 23:59:00 – Related to case 112417 pulsating orb spotted again

I was outside alone, enjoying a cigarette after a long holiday. i spotted the pulsating orb again and it was definitely moving. it was in about the same directional location in the se sky. but last night it was bigger and brighter so it must have been closer. i ran inside to get my son and my sister. they came outside and saw it too. it was 11:59pm when i began recording. my son and sister stayed until the object abruptly changed direction and appeared to zoom closer to our house. my sister was freaked that whatever it was knew we were there, and she wanted to go inside. i stayed a while longer and took a second recording.
still being affected and disturbed by what i witnessed the sunday before i felt like it was important for me to stay and take pictures, more videos.
last night it was much more obvious in videos and pictures that it was spinning. the yellow white glow pulsate. and in the videos appeared to randomly disappear and reappear, sometimes in the same position and sometimes in a new position. it was like an eyelid blinking, and when the eyelid closed the craft disappeared, only to reappear a short time later. there were no clouds near the object. it moved up down, side side, diagonally and elliptical. but instead of getting farther away it was moving closer at high speed, until eventually it was almost fixed hovering at a high altitude over our neighbors house.
in the first experience on sunday night i felt an ominous feeling and saw a green aura in my minds eye. i kept feeling, danger, go inside, i didn’t hear the words but felt the emotions. this experience i didn’t see an aura, but the ominous feeling was there, and i definitely felt whatever it was knew i was there. when i went through my photos of last night one of the photos appears to me to have this green aura, and i can see a face in it, that gave me goose bumps, and was almost exactly what i saw in my mind on sunday night. you have to zoom in on the photo to see it. my sister without promoting from me, said the same thing when i asked her if she saw anything in the photo other than the craft.
on a side note, when you zoom in on the still photos, the enlargement almost looks like a disc not an orb.

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