UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2021-06-26 22:15:00 – Red orb, in distance. rose vertically. held position perfectly still for ~2 minutes, while intermittently pulsating. then descended vertically.

I live close to the i10 and 610 intersection in houston, tx. i went for a walk with my dog around our housing development at ~10.15pm the sky was relatively clear. as i walked facing towards the west (i.E. looking away from downtown houston towards katy along the i10 corridor) i noticed a red orb / light rise vertically from behind local buildings and rise to a height in the sky that i estimated to be at 45 degrees from horizontal relative to my position. the light held position perfectly still for nearly 2 minutes, while it appeared to pulsate sporadically. it then dropped back down vertically and disappeared from sight behind the same buildings. from the perspective of where i was standing the light appeared to be at least a mile or more away from my position, and rose to a few thousand feet in the air. the nature of the light was unusual – it was nothing like any aircraft i had seen before. there are numerous aircraft and helicopters in the night sky at that time around houston when i usually walk my dog, and i’m very familiar with the patterns / sounds and trajectories of their lights. this one struck me as unusual due to the perfect vertical ascent and descent; the stationary hover position held, and the unusual pattern with which the light faded or pulsated – there was no rhythmic pattern typical of navigation lights of an aircraft. i discounted a helicopter or drone as the rate of ascent was too fast, and the pattern held was not at all typical. there was no sound heard. i also discounted a flare as the stationary hover position was too perfect and long for a flare to maintain. i do have mild color blindness, however the color appeared to be distinctly red to me (i usually have no trouble making out the colors of the navigation lights of airplanes). i have no idea what i saw, but pretty sure it was not a typical aircraft.

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