UFO Sighting in Honolulu, Hawaii on March 18th 2015 – Observed white blimp like structure above 40,000 ft while flying to Hawaii


My son and I was watching TV and periodically going outside to see if we could see the Northern lights. My son seen what looked like a star at first. He noticed that it was blinking and changing different colors. I seen it with naked eye and it didn’t look like a normal star so I grab the binoculars and I could the lights clearly it had a constant clear light on and then red, green and blue would run in sequence up and down. The clear light sometimes give a bright flash,but mainly constant. It was perfectly clear last night. I called the sheriff’s department to send a deputy over to witness it. I kept a constant eye on it while waiting for the deputy to get here. It slowly started to move to south west to more south direction. There was a tree line it was over and it was about 30 minutes before the deputy got here. The stars that was in the sky around it was still place. My son and I are military aircraft enthusiast and also studied astronomy to know the difference of what’s in the sky. We both have telescopes and observe often. We know what we saw is not a normal light formation of aircraft and the color of the lights on this object was were more crisp. I just wanted to report what we saw. It happen on 3/17/15 approx 12:08 AM.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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