UFO Sighting in Holmen, Wisconsin on 2020-07-17 23:30:00 – €œstar-likeâ€�ufo

I was out walking my dog it was quite cloudy and the wind was blowing quite fast that the clouds were moving quickly. i noticed a strange “star� in between the clouds. as i watched for a couple minutes the clouds of course started to move. then the “star� moved out of the way from the clouds. it moved in such a short straight line so quickly at first i questioned if i had seen correctly. with in seconds this “star� was bolting i’m very fast but very distinct straight lines. back and forth, left and right. (i did not have my phone on me at the time) i start to walk back to my apartment and still watching this thing zoom across the sky still avoiding the clouds. once i reach my door i look outward and the is another strange star like thing and suddenly a bright light is emitted quickly. i look up and the object from before is still there, still moving. then glance back at the light and it beams again once more i glance back up and watch the “star� go straight into the clouds this time. (at this point i run inside to get my phone to try and get photos or video or something) every app i had that had camera access would not work! after finally telling someone about what i saw i started experiencing strange things shortly after. (i live in a second story of a apartment building/no access to my living room window besides my balcony) approximately 1:38 am my window in my living room begins to shake as if a huge gust of wind and storm was coming through. i then get light shining in my window in my living room for a brief second.

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