UFO Sighting in Hagerstown, Maryland on 1967-01-01 12:01:00 – This was a long time ago probably no earlier than 1967 no later than 1975

Tried to fill out this report from a paper sighting report sent to the witness. he filled in his own explanations and misunderstood most of the questions. he doesn’t give an address where the sighting took place and his writing is hard to read. i made up the date and time and duration because the report requires those fields to complete the form.
the field investigator will have to call him for more information.
july 30/2020 by the field investigator at mufon hq.

this was a long time ago probably no earlier than 1967 no later than 1975 i was at my mothers house which is on the corner of 2 streets so the back of her house faces the side of the neighbors house where it is a narrow strip of land on a hill where nothing flying could safely land, plane or helicopter. that day my mom was washing dishes in the kitchen sink and said (name removed) i think theres something strange outside, i went in the kitchen and looked through the blinds and there was a capule shaped object hovering just off the ground no landing gear no propellors it made no noise and there was no exhaust. the capsule had a window that went across from left to right and then it curved down back the other way. i saw two men that looked like 2 american men with gunglasses on and i saw a chair the seat and back very square a little out of place looking. then it took off w/out noise or exhaust i tried to run outside and see it but it was gone. i wrote down the date aug. 9, 2017 watching ancient aliens a man sitting on a tall stool or chair w/a desk behind him is talking the camera angle get wider and i see on the left side of the tv a capsule w/a window and a square chair like the one i saw at my mons house driving to my mothers end of june 2013 aprox i saw a bright ball in the sky traveling very level from west to east torwads wash d.C. near to new hamphire ave. stoped car a tone point it looked like a circular saw blade on fire burning with teeth on the outside. (only other unusual sighting i have had)

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