UFO Sighting in Greenville, South Carolina on 1972-06-16 21:00:00 – About 15 inches long by 12 inches round, all chrome cylinder, totally solid, no apparent openings or vents, on the ground beeping, 5 feet from me


This happened when i was about 18 years old. i was walking down the street one evening just after sunset in the neighborhood where i grew up. i was alone, and had spent some time with friends on the block. i had left them to go home. as i was walking, i heard a faint beeping sound that seemed to get more audible as i got closer to the object. when i got within 5 feet of the object, it was already on the ground just off the roadway to the side. i didn't see the object land, i just walked up on it already on the ground and it was beeping. i could see it on the ground about 5 feet from me. the object was solid cylindrical shape and chrome metallic like aluminum or metal. the object was about 15 inches long and 12 inches round. it had no holes or vents or openings. i did not pick it up. i stood and looked and listened to it for about 5 to 10 minutes. i felt like i was kinda compelled to stand there and do nothing but observe the object and listen to the beeps. the beeps didn't seem to have a pattern and they were non-musical but sounded like a very slowed down morse code. i couldn't tell if it was a pattern. the volume of the sound of the beeps was like when a microwave oven beeps to let you know your food is ready. this happened about in 1972 and the only technological invention that i know of that could have sounded like that would have been a microwave oven beeping. the beeps seemed to be coming off of the object somehow but i didn't see any speakers or any openings on the object, no lights on the object, not vents. i remember thinking maybe i should touch it on the ground or try to pick it up and bring it home with me. i don't know if it was fear or if i was somehow being psychologically prevented from reaching down for it, but i was convinced somehow not to touch it. after about 5 to 10 minutes of just looking at it and hearing the beeps, i continued walking home leaving it there on the ground. it bothered me when i got home that i had seen this strange thing on the ground. i wanted to tell my mother that i had just seen this thing on the ground but i didn't think she'd believe me or she'd think i was playing a trick on her. so, i decided to go back to where i saw it and retrieve it off the ground for proof. i left my house to go back for it after about 30 minutes of being home after i first saw it. when i got back to where i had seen the object on the ground, it was no longer there. years have passed since then, i've kept this to myself, only telling a few people who i thought wouldn't ridicule me, but i never saw anything like it again, even as i've seen the birth of new technological inventions come to forth. now, in 2017, i am considered by many to be a musical genius, i have a master degree in computer science and information technology, and i've retired from working in the field of technology. i keep remembering that moment vividly when i first encountered that object on the ground. i've told my story more than a few times to my spouse over the years when i felt like i just have to get it off my mind. i have become a sci-fi enthusiast in regard to ufos and extra-terrestrial phenomena. it's been many years since this event, and i've tried to forget about it, and sometimes i do forget about it, but at other times the memory of it is back on my mind vividly. i don't know if that was a life-changing event for me encountering this object. i keep feeling like i know something that nobody else knows, like a feeling of enlightenment that's been with me since hearing those beeps.

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