UFO Sighting in Frenchtown , Michigan on 1998-06-13 01:15:00 – Light in sky hovered for hour no sound bright light, beamed up and disappeared with warp speed

I grew up living on lake erie as my back yard between three major power plants (two nuclear, one coal) my house sits. my dad and i use to star gaze every chance we got, so we know placement of the stars pretty accurately. but this night a bright what looked like star appeared as if out of thin air. it was out over the lake just sitting and hovering. there was no movement or sound. we sat and watched it for about an hour. it just sat still with the bright light illuminating it. then after about an hour you could see the vibration of the light as if it started an engine but you could not hear anything. all of a sudden it did what seemed like a warp speed sideways and out as if into the black unknown. about 3-4 weeks later i laid out at my friends house about 4 blocks from my house star gazing with her and her aunt. the same light showed up above us in the same manor as it did with my dad. we watched it for about 20-30 minutes and it did same thing and warp speed away as if out into the universe. i was around 15-16 at the time. fast forward 10 years later i am diagnosed with fast acting and aggressive papillary thyroid cancer. 6 months after my dad died from cancer. now papillary thyroid cancer is neither fast forming or aggressive except for mine. they said i was exposed to radiation at higher levels in some point in my life. i never been around any form of radiation except living between the two nuclear plants. curiosity makes me wonder if it’s from the plants or the two strange encounters i had! but if it was from the plants wouldn’t there be more than just myself with this type of cancer?

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