UFO Sighting in Flemington, New Jersey on 2019-09-12 01:35:00 – Ships different shapes arrive on schedule – leave 1/2 hr before sunrise

For over three years surrounding flemington nj 'ships some of known chinese origin and one night 18 in total could be seen from outside back door. tonight there were seven well lit and easy to see in the full moonlight. the one direct west at 4-5,000' feet i watched it come from the west arriving traveling slow toward the east until it finds it parking spot under guidance then parks. this i have watched two times over the past week. precisely parking at the same spot. has top lights and a dark middle and lights on bottom. do not have equipment to photograph but with 5×27 binoculars easy to see the form. two will show up about the same time at same spot and light up like loading docks for trucks.

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