UFO Sighting in Finsland, Agder on 2020-07-15 16:01:00 – Ufo captured on snapchat at my sisters house

We were on norway vacation this summer and visited my sister who lives on the country side, 30 min drive from kristiansand in south of norway. one day my wife took a picture out the livingroom window at my sisters house, just to document the wether on snapchat to our doughter who were home. when we looked at the picture afterwards we saw there was a hugh cloudy but firm disck shaped form close to the house. furter back there is a clear light item with same shape in the distance above the tree on the other side of the road. we have not shared this picture with anyone and you are the first expert we contact. if there is any tecnique to show that the picture is authentic ore any way to identifiy the items to be a known earthly phenomena, we are happy to know.

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