UFO Sighting in Elk Grove, California on 2020-07-22 22:00:00 – Red/white lights belonging to unidentifiable object

My wife and i were out viewing comet neowise and i decided to scan around with my 15×70 binoculars. and in the constellation scorpio i picked up an object with 2 red lights on it. i couldn’t see it without the binoculars and i have been described as having pilot eye sight. i can usually see 8-10 pleiades even in my suburban backyard. i thought it was weird i couldn’t see that object at all without the binoculars and when i went to look for it again with the 15x70s, i didn’t find it. but then my wife observed a flashing white/blue pinpoint that would streak, flash, then appear in another part of the sky. and it appeared there faster than any passenger aircraft could get there. and it started in the west/southwest part of our sky and it did the flash/reappear 2-4 times. we lost sight of the object when we last saw it at around our zenith. my wife and i are big fans of all things paranormal but above all else value logic and evidence. we’re great at identifying planes, satellites, meteors, and any other explainable phenomenon that are commonly mistaken for ufos. i know my wife and i at the very least saw high tech military craft, maybe more than one but this is legitimately the first time i’ve not been able to identify something. and i’m not sure if the red light and flashing we saw were related or not but the red lights were headed toward where the flashing originated from.

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