UFO Sighting in Edgewood, New Mexico on 2020-11-21 18:00:00 – Bright flashing orb flying nearby for a mile over vehicle and directly over us when at home

6:00pm. headed north on hwy 344 approaching dinkle and i look out my window and see a bright light start making an even brighter flashing. i thought it was an airplane at first, but then realized that it didn’t look like anything that i have ever seen an airplane do when it started changing directions. i told my friend “what is that” as we turned onto dinkle rd. he saw it and then we both observed it flying way up in the air, making back and forth gestures that looked like miles apart in seconds. then we continued driving down the road looking at it and i told him “speed up to try to catch up to it” as we started to speed up real fast, it started to gather its attention to us. it dropped behind us and then hovered directly over us. i was staring out the window as it was directly over us. it made a couple of bright flashes. about that time, we had arrived at the driveway; he pulled up to the gate and stopped. we got out of the car and looked at it and it continued east. i took off to run inside to get my wife to see it. we went out the front door and saw it coming back toward the house. i pointed up to it and showed my daughters. my friend was standing at his car still staring directly at it above him. as it hovered directly over us for several minutes. the light seemed so close that i could touch it, but then it felt like it was miles away. at which point, i started getting kind of nervous that it was sitting there so long. i ran inside to grab a gun. it took off to the east and we could see it for at least 10 miles before we went back inside.

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