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On saturday, november 5th, 2016 roughly some time between 5:15-5:45 pm est, myself (driving) and another male occupant (passenger) in a moving car traveling south on route 1 in northeast philadelphia witnessed 4 objects in the sky that appeared to have either been being chased or observed by 3 military jets.

it was at that point in the late day, when the sun is just starting to go down, so it was still very bright outside. the sky was extremely clear, and there was not a single cloud in sight anywhere to be seen.

as i was driving south on route 1 in northeast philadelphia, i was passing right at the area of route 1 (roosevelt boulevard) and oxford avenue, and i was in the far left lane of the middle lane. i just happened to look up at the sky in front of me and to the left, when i noticed what i right away assumed to be just a white cloud stationary and not at all moving up in the sky.

after passing oxford avenue i got stuck at the next traffic light. i kept looking at the object and noticed that it was not moving at all, and that there were no clouds anywhere in the entire sky. as i kept staring at it, i thought it was a very starge looking cloud, and then very quickly realized it was not a cloud at all.

when i realized this was not a bird, cloud, or an airplane or helicoptor, or any known aviation object i have ever seen before, i asked my passenger, “do you see that up there?, what is that?” he was amazed just like me and we sat in traffic for about 30-90 seconds just staring at it. it was not moving at all, niether were we. that is how we know it was not moving.

i was driving, and because we both were staring in confusion at just what exactly we were looking at, it never occured to either one of us to get a photo of it with our phones. i'm not sure it would have turned out anyway. we started driving again, and i could see it starting to move downwards, or in the direction coming closer to the ground. but it was very, very high up in the sky, and it was oviously very big.

in front of me and to the left there were high trees, and we both lost sight of the object for a few seconds, then we saw it again after passing the trees off the side of the road. we came to another traffic light and were stopped. and then thats when we could see it more clearly, and we had the trees as an eye-sight-marker, as the object was in back of the foreground trees in our sight.

so once we were stopped we could clearly see the object more visible in detail and how it was movong and traveling using the tree as a marker. it kept moving downward in back of the trees, and as soon as we started driving again, when we got out in the open more where the sky was more open and visible, thats when we saw them. 3 more of the same exact kind appeared out of nowhere to the left of the first object we saw.

we dont know if they were already there and were just obscured by the trees or not, but i only saw the one at first, when the viewable sky was all open for my vision. and like i stated above, it initially was not moving and was actually closer. the more we drove in it's direction (south) the further away it became. it was oviously movong very fast.

there were a total of 4 objects in the sky, and they were all the exact same shape and white-brightness, still not known if it was the sun refecting off the object making it so bright during that time of day, at least thats how i percieved what i was looking at. my passenger said that the other 3 to the left just dissapeared and then reappeared right in the air. i did not see that myself.

the description of the object:
– it was a very bright-white, possibly from the sun reflecting off it's surface, and it was either the shape of a cigar, but it was tilted. and when it moved, it stayed titled, no matter which direction it moved, the tilt stayed. im not sure about the cigar-shape, but i would describe it more like this: if you took a frisbee and looked at it directlyin front of you looking at the side, so you not seeing a circle, but the other way, it would look like a sstraight line, but slightly ovaled, but then on top of that, tilt it so that the left end it pointed down and the right end is pointed up.

there were no colors or visible features, but it was also very high and far away to be able to clearly see it. when i thought it was traveling downwards closer to the ground, i really think it was traveling further away. that is how fast it was moving. it, and the other 3 just kept getting smaller and smaller, you could tell they were moving very fast. and as it moved, like i mentioned, the “tilt” of the object never changed.

still driving, i looked to the right up in the sky to see if there were more of these things, and that's when i saw, very, very high up, 3 jets/planes of some kind, looked to be classic silver/metal in color of a jet, traveling in the same direction as the objects. all 3 jets were moving what seemed to be slow compared to the other 4 objects. each jet was leaving a clear small air vapor behind itself which quickly dissapated.

as soon as i turned my head away from the 3 jets to the right sky, i watched the 4 objects to the left start moving extremely fast, as if they just caught wind of the 3 jets coming their way. if these were, oviously, military jets sent up to observe or chase these objects, they would most likely have been sent from willow grove air force base in warminster, pennsylvania, which was roughly 20 miles away from our driving location. they must have gotten there quick, because when i first looked around after seeing the first object not moving at all, i saw nothing else anywhere. and the 3 jets were pretty high up.

at this point we both observed the 4 objects, which seemed to be each about 2 miles apart from each other, and the other 3 further ahead now from the 1st object we witnessed, traveling at great speed, still with the “tilt” not changing at all, all 4 objects within 3 seconds, just took off southbound at incredible speed, and then they just dissapeared over the horizon.

to describe the 1st object, as it was stationary and not moving in better detail, it just hung in the sky, like a cigar, tilted, shining very bright white, as if the sun was reflecting off it, i am pretty good at judging distance with my eyes, so just a guess, i would say it was about 1-2 miles in length, and roughly about 5-6 miles away. i really wish i could have got a photo of it when is was just sitting there in the sky, but i was driving and it all happened to fast.

this was the first time for both of us ever seeing an object we could both say was a ufo for sure. if it was a black-project type object, who knows. but we are absolutely both sure of what we witnessed, and this was not a mistaken known aircraft. and also we both have never seen such a thing, or expected to ever see such a thing in this area of northeast philadelphia where we were at the time.

the entire thing was very strange. we did look around at other drivers to see if they were looking up at it too, and we did not see anyone looking at it. although, people were driving, it would have been hard to have witnessed it, unless you were stuck at a light, and just happened to look up.

i even had my window rolled down with my head out the window, so i know my vision was not obscured in anyway. that was it. the objects vanished once they took off southbound at an incredible high rate of speed, staying at their “tilt” in the sky, and 30 minutes later, the sun was gone and that was the end of it. we witnessed nothing else afterwards as we drove in the opposite direction going home.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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