UFO Sighting in East Prairie, Missouri on 2019-08-12 19:45:00 – Was walking from my car to go into my apt, looked up at the sky, and seen a very bright white light,i only seen 1 at first then the other

I came home for lunch , it was about 7:45pm , it was just about to get dark, i was walking up the sidewalk to my apt, i looked up at the sky , and seen a very bright white light ,i only seen 1 at first then the other so i turned the video on , on my iphone , in the video , you have to look very closely and you will see one coming straight down , then curve and go back toward the other one, and then they went the opposite way of each other . i wish i had videoed it longer but i thought , no way that’s a ufo , until i looked at my video , planes or nothing i’ve ever seen move like that . they were so bright , you really can’t tell how bright in the video, but i’m convinced that what i say was not from here . i’ve always wanted to see a ufo and now i believe i did . if you adjust the brightness on the video you can really see it good , and if you slow it down and rewind it back and forth you can see the the way one of them switched direction and went back up toward the other then they split and go away from each other i uploaded the video twice , i adjusted the contrast so you can see it better

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