UFO Sighting in De Motte, Indiana on 2020-11-26 20:55:00 – Flame like, silent, moving northeast about 100 ft in air

My wife and i were on our way out to feed our horses at 8:55 pm give or take a couple minutes when standing on our back porch waiting on my wife i happened to look up and saw a glowing bright red object moving in the sky, it was silent at first i thought it mite of been a glowing ember floating from a fire but dismissed that after i saw it moving about 30mph it n a north west direction without dropping and appeared to be moving with direction then after we couldn’t see that one anymore another one appeared in the exact same flight path same exact shape & size and speed this is when i knew this object was intelligent, i made sure i told my wife “ please tell me your phone recorded it she said she did and took pictures.
i’m 52 years old with an iq of over 150 so i know what i see and hear and have had drones and these were no kind of drone i know about, not anything else we could both rationalize to think what these things were? they flew over 1200 west by hwy 65 going northeast heading what look to me straight for the town of demotte
we both said that they were the craziest things we ever saw, & totally silent
after my wife comes in from feeding we’ll review the video and pictures and send them in as well

Read more & see it on a MAP

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