UFO Sighting in Danville, Virginia on 2019-08-05 10:32:00 – Blimplike shape moving south of danville va

I was driving down kasota ave eastward toward st. paul, just before the railroad tracks, before hwy 280, and before where the road becomes energy park drive. a silver object caught my eye for a few seconds. it had similar characteristics of the light reflection off of a commercial aircraft, and was about to pass it off as that, but as i watched it i realized it was spherical. it was off quite a ways – far enough where at first glance i could have mistaken it as a plane, but close enough where i realized that if it were a plane i'd be able to see defining characteristics such as wings or a tail. there were no defining characteristics. i instinctively reached for my cell phone, but because of the new cell phone law, i decided to see if i could find a place to pull over instead so i could record legally. i didn't find a parking lot that had a good view of the sky in that direction until after hwy 280. i pulled into that area and scanned the sky for a few minutes, but couldn't find the object. i left as a commercial plane flew by – i couldn't make out the logo on the plane, but assume it was delta from the color. but the plane, unlike the sphere, i could clearly make out was a plane. the plane wasn't the object that i saw, but the plane was about the same size in the sky and just under the clouds like the object. it also wasn't quite the same area of the sky and was heading a slightly different direction. the plane was flying in an angle closer to my direction, where the sphere was flying across the sky in front of me. it was a bright and sunny day with some big cumulus clouds. the minnesota state fair is taking place, so my thought was that maybe it was in conjunction with that and it was in vaguely that direction, but it was something huge – maybe something about the size of an aircraft but perfectly round and reflective silver. i can't imagine that a balloon that size would be allowed to be in airspace, unless it was a weather balloon. this seemed bigger than a weather balloon, however. i also don't think it was a helicopter, because it would have been just close enough to be able to make out those characteristics. i'm using the address of pohl food service, but it may have actually been closer to the railroad tracks. i drove by some building right in there that blocked my view of it, and then couldn't find it after i parked. i noted the time of the sighting as just before 6pm, as it was 6pm on the dot as i left the parking lot.

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