UFO Sighting in Crystal River, Florida on 2016-09-09 07:08:00 – Round tan craft circular shap with window at the top that wrapped around craft.

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  1. Bigfoot/Gray hybrids? This is not the first time Bigfoot has been paired with UFO/ET activity. I think the aliens would definitely have an interest in Bigfoot from an evolutionary perspective.

    Why doesn't someone set up trail/trap cams around this area? Nothing that's going to hurt anyone, just cams. If I owned that property, the best thing to do would be to put up surveillance cams everywhere, if nothing else to keep an eye on all the human shenanigans that will inevitably follow.

    Keep up the good work, Tyler! ??

  2. I hope it's legit, but strongly doubt it, largely due to who "found" it and who is making the claims, along with The DISC Ch. Let's get it to the surface and find out what's what, but brace for disappointment. That's just me being cynical from experience, sort of like when NASA makes an announcement. It's probably a sunken sub or battleship, etc.

  3. Lmaoooo bahahaha, I'm sorry .. I couldn't help but ctfu when I saw that drawing of the alien "walking".. I couldn't help by the way he looks like he's running and i can hear it sounding like the greased up deaf guy on Family Guy running in zig zags saying, "You never gonna catch me" lmaaoo