UFO Sighting in Cromwell, Connecticut on 2020-05-26 21:16:00 – Bright rapidly moving light, with extreme bright pulse every ~5 seconds

Observation date: may 26, 2020
time: ~9:16 pm (eastern)
location: cromwell, ct, on a boat anchored on the connecticut river at 41.613733 / -72.615480
weather: clear sky, no clouds, 10+ miles visibility

i was sitting alone on the deck of the boat watching the night sky and noticed a very bright, constant light moving rapidly from the nnw approximately 45 degrees above the horizon. my immediate thought was that this was the iss but it seemed larger (~2x)and brighter than i remember seeing the iss. its azimuth was almost 90 degrees (passed almost directly over the boat). as i was watching, it pulsed, many times brighter in a burst of light. the pulse was instantaneous. the light kept pulsing once every approximately five seconds. the light moved across the sky in a straight line. there was no noise and no other lights. the light was white. the light was visible for approximately 1 to 2 minutes. the light moved from the nnw to the sse.

there were a number of commercial aircraft visible in the sky before and after the sighting. the aircraft were at varying altitudes, from landing at bradley international airport to possible trans-atlantic flights at high altitude. all had detectable engine noise, strobe lights and some had landing lights. this light was completely unlike any of the aircraft. i have worked in the aviation industry and lived near military air fields and commercial airports all my adult life, and have never had a similar observation.

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